Night Guards and Splint Therapy

At Cera-Tech 3D Dental lab Inc., we fabricate all night guards in house by dedicated experienced technicians that do this all day, every day. We fabricate all types; Thermoflex, Hard, Dual flex, Gelb and NTI appliances. Now introducing in house printed thermoflex and printed hard nightguards. We starting printing nightguards in 2021 and have not looked back! In fact we had to purchase a second printer in 2022 to keep up to the demand.

We use the trusted Keysplint Soft™and Keysplint Hard™ materials for our printed guards. These printed nightguards have proven to us that they last longer than traditional polymer/monomer mixed resins.

That being said, we continue to use polymer/monomer mixed resins for our dual flex and gelb appliances as there is no way to print these at this point in time.

NTI appliances can be printed in either hard or thermoflex resin or polymer/monomer mixed, whatever your preference.

Therapy and protection designed digitally Bite splints have numerous applications. For example, they can be used for craniomandibular dysfunction, bruxism or simply for the protection of natural teeth and restorations. In contrast to conventional laboratories, we also design our printed night guards and splints digitally with the help of CAD design software.

We can adjust a variety of settings that allow the design of an optimal bite splint. For example, our experts can digitally adjust the centric contacts and individually adjust the friction of the fit for all or individual areas of the guard. The protrusion trajectories can also be simulated in advance. This ensures that all important parameters have already been taken into account before the production of the physical bite splint and that they optimally fulfill the intended purpose.

Digital technology and on-site service allow our dental laboratory to deliver “Made in Canada” appliances, a guarantee for constant high quality and attractive prices.

Cera-Tech 3D Dental Lab Inc. strives to provide you with the quality, strength and reliability you deserve from your dental laboratory. We are pleased to accept your digital impressions and also your traditional manual impressions for night guards.

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