Digital Impressions

Digital impressions and direct data exchange with the laboratory via Sirona Connect or open up completely new treatment options for dentists. For example, the patient’s case can be discussed live with
the technician – while the patient is still sitting in the dental chair.
We can both look at the digital impression and the technician can recommend any changes or approve the impression before the patient leaves the dental office.

Advantages of digital impressions

In dentistry, digital impressions are in the process of making conventional impressions, superfluous. Patients generally dislike them, they are uncomfortable and can be difficult to manage in the oral environment. Digital impressions have been perfected since the beginning of the first intraoral scanners, more than 30 years ago. The current intraoral scanners from well-known companies such as Sirona, 3M Espe, itero or 3shape have long overtaken conventional impressions in terms of precision. Digital impressions have now become very easy thanks to advancements in digital video recording processes.

Patients love the digital impression because they no longer have to bite into the unloved impression material and can follow the digital scan live on the scanner video screen.

patient comfort

The digital impression is much more comfortable for the patient than biting into the conventional impression materials/tray. In addition, patients find the digital scan highly advanced, professional and very interesting.

Fast & Efficient

With a little practice, intraoral scanning is significantly faster, more effective and consistently more accurate than conventional impression taking. Use of your treatment time is therefore more effective and more efficient with digital technology.


Studies show that the accuracy of intraoral scanners is superior to conventional impression technology. Beginners in particular, achieve a significantly higher level of consistency than with the analog impression.

The Digital Workflow

With Cera-Tech 3D Dental Laboratory

We have a direct connection with the “Sirona Connect” and “itero” platforms. These offer a simple and uncomplicated interface between dentist and laboratory. We can also except any .stl files from any other systems as well. If you have any questions about your digital impression system and lab connectivity, we would be happy to help, just give us a call.

Once complete, your digital impression is immediately sent to us (you have to set us up as a laboratory partner before you begin). Once received, within seconds, you can receive direct feedback on the quality of the digital impression/recording from Cera-Tech. We then enter the impression in our workflow according to the date asked for as a return date and we start the digital manufacturing process.

Step 1: Prepare

You prepare the teeth as usual according to the guidelines for all-ceramics or for a full gold restoration. If scanning for a nightguard, ortho appliance, partial denture or denture, proceed to scanning.

Step 2: Scanning

You can digitally form the situation with the intraoral scanner easily, quickly and precisely. Then fill out the virtual order form - if you wish, you can discuss the case directly with one of our technicians.

Step 3: Sending

The dispatch takes place via Sirona Connect or my.itero or you can email or transfer the file to us with a different system. The data is sent directly to Cera-Tech 3D Dental Lab via Canadian servers in compliance with data protection regulations. Within a few minutes you can receive feedback from us about the start of construction.

Step 4: Digital Production

We manufacture the restoration based on CAD/CAM technology. With master craftsmanship, we refine the work according to your individual wishes.

Step 5: Delivery and Insertion

We deliver the restoration including documentation to your practice within the Edmonton Area by express courier or outside of the area, typically by Purolator express. Insert the restoration/appliance as usual – you can be sure that your patients will be enthusiastic about their digital experience.

Advantages for you as a dentist

Direct collaboration

Thanks to the digital impression and the direct data transmission, for example, via Sirona Connect or myitero, you can discuss the work live with our technician while the patient is still sitting in the treatment chair. This is how an optimal result is achieved.

Cost reduction through time saving

With a little practice, the digital impression is much faster than a conventional impression. You can use the time you save to care for other patients. Furthermore, with supervision, the digital impression can also be delegated to the chair assistant. Although the impression no longer needs to be poured in stone, depending on the case, the laboratory may need to print models which is generally the same cost as pouring impressions.

Improved Image of Your Practice

Digital impressions are perceived by patients as very comfortable and progressive. At the same time, patients always trust in “digital” precision. This image is also transferred to your practice as being efficient, giving quality care and progressive.

State-of-the-art data archiving

Effortless access to impressions and fabricated restorations that can be reproduced at any time. Models and splints can thus be produced again without a new impression or scan.

Active patient counseling

The combination of different digitization’s such as importing photos and radiographs simplifies consultations with patients, especially with regard to aesthetic care and complex treatments.

Benefits for your patients

No Impression

Thanks to the digital ‘impression’ scan, the classic impression tray can be abandoned. Your patient’s will not miss this unpleasant procedure. No more messy trays to deal with for either patients or dentists. With reliable accuracy, this will mean less trips to the dentist for a second impression or a better impression.

Dentistry experience

The digital impression is a really great experience for the patient. The view of the 3D image of their own teeth/smile and the digital delivery truly impresses patients.

Modern Techniques and Materials

The digital impression transfers to the digital laboratory and the most modern computer designs and milling machines using the most modern materials manufactured specifically for the digital workflow and process. This translates to a better experience for you and your patients.

Visualize the results before the work begins

An intra-oral scan can be merged with a CT scan so that the position of prostheses or implants can be accurately planned. By visualising the end result of the treatment(crowns,bridges,implants,etc) before it begins, it is possible to iron out any potential problems before they arise. It is also good for the patient to be able to see how the end result will look and makes it easier for the dentist to talk them through their treatment.

Become our Denstply Sirona Connect Partner

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Benefits for the dentist:

  • Optical impression saves time and money
  • The digital impression generated by the Dentsply Sirona acquisition
    unit saves time and reduces your labor costs. In addition, it is much more comfortable for the patient than a conventional impression.
  • Unlike physical impressions, digital impressions are immune to dimensional changes. This results in superior precision – a prerequisite for sustained quality
  • Direct feedback from dental technician
  • The digital impression can be viewed immediately by yourself and the dental technician. This means that you can discuss the case over the phone while the patient is still in the chair. You can even make final adjustments to the preparation.


Digital Dentistry is rapidly becoming a standard procedure for state of the art dental offices and laboratories. At the current rate, digital impressions will very soon surpass conventional impressions as the preferred choice, which will open up new possibilities for collaboration between dentists and dental technicians. is a Web-based communication platform designed exclusively for Sirona Connect dentists and Sirona inLab laboratories. The service allows Sirona Connect dentists to eliminate physical impressions by electronically transmitting a digitally-scanned impression to the inLab laboratory of choice.

The dental technician designs the restoration on the basis of a virtual model and can still use a conventional model if required. Following this, the restoration is fabricated on a computer-controlled milling unit and hand finished with porcelain powders, stains, etc.

Denstply Sirona Connect paves the way for the “impression-free” dental practice as well as to the “model-free” dental laboratory.


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