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  How to register for Sirona CEREC Connect?

When you purchase a CEREC it is VERY important to register for your Sirona Connect account.  Sirona Connect gives you a Direct Portal to a CEREC InLab of your choice. Without it you are using only 50% of your CEREC systems capability!

1. Go to .     Click on "Dentist Registration"

2. Create your "User ID" and "Password".   Click "Next"

3. Fill out all the IMPORTANT info!   It won't let you click "NEXT" if all the yellow stars are not filled!

4. Fill out all the IMPORTANT info again!   Click "NEXT"

5. DONE!!!

*Note It will take up to three business days to finalize your account.....but if you call the

1-800-475-5036 and tell them you need to send your case as soon as possible. "Most"

of the time they will do it on the spot!


  How to send a case via Connect?

- You must start with your Sirona Connect Software, not your regular Cerec software. Although if you have the newest software, it should be imbedded within.

- Once you have added the patients info: Choose whether it’s a "Single Restoration" or "Bridge Restoration" then Choose the "Tooth #'s"

- Choose whether it’s a: Crown or Inlay/onlay Full Contour then: Crown Veneered (PFM, PFG, PFZ)

- Choose your Material.

- Choose what shade you would like.

- Choose a stump shade if needed.

Now that everything has been chosen, you are ready to scan. Remember you can always go back and edit before sending you the lab.

- Scan: 1.Lower Jaw  2.Upper Jaw  3.Buccal  4.Add Category if needed (Biocopy, Biorefference, etc.)

- Choose your margins.

- Now you’re ready to send it to us: 1. Username 2. Password 3. GO!

Check you order info.

Choose: 1. Lab: Cera-Tech   2. Return Date   3. Time

Choose: 1. Gender   2. Age   3.Type Additional info   4. Add Additional files

At this point the Case has not been sent to the lab yet. It's only in your order cart!  Always make sure you "Click the Submit Case" to send to lab! They will never know that a case is pending if this is forgotten!

Once "Submit Case" has been chosen. You must Verify your "Username" and "Password". Then Click OK. All Done! You are now CERECing Via Connect!

For question don’t hesitate to call me. Jason 780.948.0771


Benefits for the dentist:

  • Optical impression saves time and money
    • The digital impression generated by the CEREC acquisition unit saves time and reduces your labor costs. In addition, it is much more comfortable for the patient than a conventional impression.
    • Unlike physical impressions, digital impressions are immune to dimensional changes. This results in superior precision – a prerequisite for sustained qualityDirect feedback from dental technician
  • The digital impression can be viewed immediately by yourself and the dental technician. This means that you can discuss the case over the phone while the patient is still in the chair. You can even make final adjustments to the preparation.
  • Highly esthetic lab ceramics.




Digital Dentistry is rapidly becoming a standard procedure for state of the art dental offices and laboratories.  At the current rate, digital impressions will very soon surpass conventional impressions as the preferred choice, which will open up new possibilities for collaboration between dentists and dental technicians.

The dentist will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to design, mill and place the restoration during a single visit appointment (chairside method) – or whether to send the restoration to one of his preferred inLab laboratories by using a digital impression and Sirona Connect. is a Web-based communication platform designed exclusively for CEREC dentists and Sirona inLab laboratories. The service allows CEREC dentists to eliminate physical impressions by electronically transmitting a digitally-scanned impresson to the inLab laboratory of choice.

The dental technician designs the restoration on the basis of a virtual model and can still use a conventinal model if required. Following this, the restoration is fabricated on a computer-controlled milling unit and hand finished with porcelain powders, stains, etc.

Sirona Connect paves the way for the “impression-free” dental practice as well as to the “model-free” dental laboratory.